Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Quality Policy:

Quality First, build the brand of “Xuguang”; Establish a good reputation and focus on customer satisfaction; Forge ahead and be a first-class enterprise in China.

Enterprise Environment Policy:

Regulatory compliance, people foremost, continuous improvement, pollution prevention, people involvement and environment purification.

Enterprise Safety Policy:

Regulatory compliance and prevention-oriented, safety first and full attention, comprehensive administration and continuous assurance.

Enterprise Vision: to become the 1st class international electronic technology enterprise

Chengdu Xuguang Technology CO.,LTD focuses on the R&D and promotion of electronic products in smart home, network communication, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Gradually realize the comprehensive upgrading of components, modules and system integration. Continuously expand the industrial chain and heighten the brand awareness. Provide more world-famous enterprises with high-quality products and services, and become the 1st class international electronic technology enterprise.

Enterprise Duty: to make the world more intelligent and better!

Adhere to the spirit of the Craftsman, create high-quality domestic products, build the internet of everything, and enjoy a smart life. Convenience and intelligence are the yearning of human beings for a better life. Xuguang technology shoulders the mission of the times, adheres to the spirit of the Craftsman, creates high-quality domestic products, builds the internet of everything, and strives for a more intelligent and better world all its life.

Enterprise Core Values: customer first, development and Innovation, sincerity and integrity, win-win cooperation

1. Customer first demands thinking from the customer’s perspective, live up to and beyond customer’s expectation. Provide customer with high-quality products and services. Values customer’s needs so as to win mutual benefits.

2. Development and innovation is the start of a new undertaking that brings a better future. Actions speak louder than words. The market is for the qualified. We must work hard to open up, reform and innovate constantly. Bear in mind that the best performance today is the fundamental requirement tomorrow.

3. Sincerity and integrity requires highly abiding by professional ethics, willing to take responsibility, being honest and keeping promises. Uncompromising integrity makes Xuguang a credible brand.

4. Win-win Cooperation needs to implement multilateral co-operations with an open mind and a mutually beneficial thinking. Work together with customers, staff, shareholders and partners to overcome difficulties, make progress and win the future.


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