Business Philosophy

Opening up, Reforming, Outstanding

The seventh board of directors of the enterprise, composed of Sun Juan, Zheng Hua, Zhang Jinping, Wang Yiquan, Tang Chang, Li Xia and Zhou Shi, was elected at the shareholders' meeting held on June 15th, 2018. Sun Juan was elected as the chairman of the board and Zheng Hua the general manager.

The 7th board of directors formulated our business philosophy: Opening up, Reforming and Outstanding.

Opening up- The ocean is vast for it refuses no rivers. Reforming-Change makes improving and reform enables development; Outstanding- One should make unremitting efforts to perfect oneself. We should reform the research and development of products, production and operation management; improve competitiveness and spare no efforts to be a outstanding enterprise under the guide of opening-up, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation.



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