Rising History

  • 1971 By the origin of No.716 Factory of Chongqing (The State-run Factory No.8800)
  • 1980 Introduced Panasonic recorder, electronic tuner and other production equipment and technology.
  • 1985 Introduced Panasonic electronic tuner production line, and tried to develop independently
  • 1996 The company obtained the import and export right, the ISO9002 certification, realised the independent development, and became the leading enterprise in tuner industry.
  • 2000 Shareholding reformed, Chengdu Xuguang Technology Co., Ltd was founded
  • 2003 Our company developed the international market positively, beginning to cooperate with Samsung Electronics and other companies.
  • 2009 Developed other products. Optical fiber module, controller and other products achieved mass supply.
  • 2014 Develop wireless communication module
  • 2018 Our company adhering to the business philosophy of "opening, changing and, beyond", to pioneer and innovative, and strives to achieve the transformation and development of the company.

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